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Grand Hotel Lobby

The GRAND HOTEL LOBBY flush ceiling light consists of an impressive-size lampshade made of italian ribbon and a brass hoop with the ball. The bottom opening is plugged with milky plastic stopper. The flex goes into the brass pipe finished in satin as a fixture.

Classical, round shape makes the lamp suitable for both house interiors (bedroom, living room, hallway) as well as for hotel interiors.

It is very elegant and its size will undoubtedly make it an excellent decoration of every ceiling. High-quality textured finish attracts attention and creates an interesting and cozy lighting. Thanks to the large diameter opening, the lamp gives a lot of light. The use of light dimmer is recommended for creating any desirable atmosphere and the full use of all of the lamp’s values.

Price from 1 390 EUR

Description Flush Ceiling Light Grand Hotel Lobby


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